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The sole purpose of the coupon and deal website is to provide you with the most recent online coupons and deals available worldwide. You Don’t Have To Give Us Any Information To Make A Purchase With These Discounts; All You Have To Do Is Click On The Offer That Suits Your Budget And You’ll Be Taken To The Appropriate Website Carrying That Deal. You may save more money by using the most recent coupons from top U.S. brands provided by Our goal is to always provide our customers with fun offers and deals so they can stay within their strict spending limits. We also provide you with regular offers and deals that are simple to get through our portal. This method merely points you to their own websites; in the event that any information is stolen or misused, will not be held liable. Only customers who have signed up for our newsletters receive special offers.


The User’s Email Address, City, Country, and Deal Preferences are Among the Personal Information We Gather. We Make Use Of The Data To Send Our Users Interest-Based Daily Deal Newsletters. Users have the option to unsubscribe at any moment if they no longer want to receive newsletters. Your personal information is never sold or rented to a third party by us. Your personal information will only be collected in order to deliver the best deals that match your interests directly to your inbox.

We only keep a customer’s or affiliate’s contact information in order to communicate with them effectively and promptly. If we want to let you know about new discount deals and offers, we can contact you using the contact information that is stored in our systems. In order to get in touch with you, we might use your email, zip code, phone number, social media account, or even your website. Additionally, we are interested in learning about your preferences so that we can give you the best possible service. We Are Interesting In Finding Out Which Of Our Thousands Of Stores And Deals You Particularly Enjoy And Choose. This enables us to provide you with better and more varied options for those retailers and specific brands, making your time spent on worthwhile.


When you first sign up with us, we gather the most vital personal data. When you sign up to share your discount codes and coupons with us, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, or create an account to advertise and create coupons with us, we collect information about you. No matter how you use, we collect information and keep it secure. Your email addresses and text message boxes will never be used for unsolicited emails or other types of spam by us. Additionally, we do obtain your personal information through the use of cookies and cache when you leave comments on our website, contact us for advertising and other official purposes, use our blog, guest blog about us, or post comments about us in forums. Furthermore, there may be specific terms and conditions that we have established for those apps if you use our Android apps or our social media apps. Therefore, by choosing to use those apps, you consent to our privacy policy and grant the apps permission to store information about you on our behalf.


Additionally, FlickDealsHub uses “cookies” and web server logs to collect data regarding how users interact with the site. Cookies are a function of your web browser that hold data bits that assist in customizing your web experience. You can always choose not to have cookies collected by turning them off in the settings of your internet browser. Cookies and web logs may record the date and time of a visit, the length of time spent on our site, the pages seen, and the websites visited directly before and immediately after our site. This data is collected on an aggregate basis and does not include any personal information about you.

Feel free to get in touch if you feel we are violating your privacy in any way.

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